Flipper – American Hardcore Party 9-19-06

Steven Blush of ‘AMERICAN HARDCORE’ introduces FLIPPER at the after Premiere party for his new film which is based upon his book – a history of the American Hardcore.

Flipper – Sex Bomb

PUNKCAST#1023-11 Flipper performing live, assisted by the audience, at North Six, Brooklyn, on Aug 24 2006. More info: http://punkcast.com/1023

Flipper – Sacrifice – 2006

Flipper at the Blank Club. San Jose California June 9, 2006.

Flipper – In Life My Friends

From a moldy VHS

Flipper – Get Away

On TV 1983

Flipper – I Wanna

On TV 1983

Flipper Tape – Way of the World – 1982

Flipper – Sacrifice – 1983

Flipper – Live Target Video 1980-81

From the archives of SF’s famous Target Video comes this monster release from the classic original early 80s line up of Flipper. Capturing extreme and scorching performances from 1980 and 1981


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