Flipper album Live at CBGBs 1983

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On May 14th 1983 Flipper returned to New York CBGBs. The band regarded their show there in 1982 as the wildest and craziest of that tour, so, having decided a concert should be recorded to document the tour, CBGBs was their first choice.

The Flipper live experience was always unpredictable. Audience participation was always a part of the show. Friends and fans would often come on stage to participate or just hang out. This show was no exception and many guest singers and screamers joined in the chaos.

‘Hopelessly In Love’ was meant to be an instrumental, but all that changed when an unknown fan came on stage and began to sing spontaneous lyrics! Throughout the album you’ll hear many other crazy, loveable fans helping to make beautiful music with the Legendary Flipper at the Legendary CBGBs.

In the vaults the masters stayed until Overground managed to persuade Steve DePace to do the sensible thing and mix the album. What you hear truly represents an astonishing performance by an incredible band!

“We’re being as hardcore as hell today, FUCK YOU”

Flipper were one of the most original bands of the punk/new wave genre, credited as influences by Kurt Cobain, Jello Biafra, Henry Rollins and many more

Track listing

  1. If It Don’t Fit Don’t Force It
  2. The Lights, The Sound, The Rhythm, The Noise
  3. Life
  4. In Life My Friends
  5. Ha Ha Ha
  6. I Saw You Shine
  7. If I Can’t Be Drunk
  8. Hopelessly In Love
  9. Love Canal
  10. Sex Bomb

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